Why TSI 301 Synthetic Lubricant Works Better

TSI 301 is a synthetic ester lubricant whose superior lubrication efficiency can make your difficult jobs easier and help you save.


Physical Properties  
Density 10.2 0.2 lbs/gallon
Specific Gravity 1.22 at 25 C
Flash Point (T.O.C.) 400F
Boiling Point (after application) 400F
% Non-Volatiles (by weight) 15
Viscosity (cps) 5 1
Viscosity Index (ASTM D2270) 178
Pour Point (ASTM D-97) -60 F
Coefficient of Friction 100 psi - .0817 (Steel on Steel)
Surface Tension 31 dynes/cm


Electrical Properties  
Dielectric Constant (ASTM D-924) 4.94
Power Factor (ASTM D-924) 0.414
Breakdown Voltage (ASTM D-877) 41,000 volts


Chemical Properties  
Composition Organic Esters
Copper Corrosion (ASTM D-130) None
Halogen Content (ASTM D-129) 0.058%
Sulfur Content (ASTM D-808) 0.050%
Carbon (Conradson) 0.10%
Ash 0.01%
Radiation Tolerance (N.U.S.) 2 x 10" Rads
Kauri Butanol Value 95


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