Comparison of
TSI 301 & WD-40


Property 301 WD-40
Density, lbs/gal 10.2 6.7
  Water has a density of 8.34 lbs/gal. Lubricants that are denser than water have a better water displacing ability.
Flash Point 400 F 110 F
  The temperature at which a liquids vapors can ignite.  D.O.T. regulations regard flash points below 100 F as flammable, below 200 F as combustible and above 200 F as non-hazardous.
Viscosity, cps 5 5
  Viscosity is the resistance of a liquid to flow. Generally, the lower the viscosity of a lubricant, the better the lubricating efficiency.  Centipoise (cps) is one method of measuring viscosity, other often used measurement units are centistokes (cs) and SSU.
Viscosity Index (ASTM D-2270) 178 80
  The higher the viscosity index (VI) the more stable the viscosity is over a wide temperature range.  Lower VI lubricants offer less protection due to viscosity breakdown at elevated temperatures.
Pour Point (ASTM D-97) -60 F -100 F
  The lowest temperature at which a lubricant will flow.
Surface Tension, dynes/cm 31 31
  A lower surface tension generally provides better "wetting" of the metal surfaces in contact with the lubricant.  Water has a surface tension of 72 dynes/cm at 75 F
Coefficient of Friction 100 psi - 0.0817 100 psi - 0.122
  Measures the ability of a lubricant to reduce friction between two solid surfaces.  The lower the coefficient of friction the better the friction reducing ability.
Breakdown Voltage 41,000V (ASTM D-877) 12,000 V for 0.1"
  The dielectric breakdown voltage is a measure of a materials ability to withstand electrical stress.
Kauri Butanol Value 95 Not Available


The Kauri Butanol value is a measure of solvency.  The solvents in TSI 301 can dissolve such contaminants as grease, oils, and tars.
Chemical Composition Synthetic Organic Ester Petroleum Based
Organic ester lubricants have many advantages over petroleum based lubricants.  Maintenance and down time are greatly reduced, thereby extending lubrication intervals because: (!) the viscosity is more stable over a wide temperature range.  (2) They also possess a high film strength and (#) they oxidize less easily.

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